Saturday, 23 February 2019

Why do not your muscles grow despite doing weights?

Many times some people try enormously to make weights so that their muscles grow . However, in certain cases, this mission fails. Many of the reasons why your muscles do not grow despite doing weights, are under your control , so you should know what is influencing the growth of your muscles. In the following article we will explain some reasons why you are probably not increasing your muscle mass, despite being doing everything you think is necessary to achieve it.
One of the most common reasons is that you are not using the right amount of weight . Remember that if you have been training with weights for some time, it is necessary that you gradually increase the weight of them. To begin with, it is good to use 5-pound weights, for example, but after a while those will no longer have a significant effect on your muscles. It is necessary that you use enough weight, since to stimulate muscle development there must be micro injuries in the tissue. We recommend that you consult with your coach what is the weight that you should be using for this moment.
Another very common cause is that sometimes we dedicate ourselves too much to cardio . Cardio has many beneficial effects, but muscle development is not one of them. Cardiovascular exercise is excellent for decreasing body fat and burning calories, but it does not work specific muscle groups, for which it does not promote its growth. The most advisable thing is that your exercise session you add at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, and also you dedicate in each session to work one or two muscle groups with weights and machines that are more specific for muscle hypertrophy.

Believe it or not, sleep also influences muscle growth. Maybe the reason why you do not see significant growth of your muscles is that you are not getting enough sleep . As we explained before, for muscle hypertrophy, a small injury to muscle tissue must first occur, and when repaired, more muscle tissue will be generated, causing it to grow. This repair that we mentioned occurs during the rest moments, so if you do not sleep enough, or do not take your moments of rest seriously, it is possible that your muscles stop growing.
The lack of regularity or consistency in your routine can also affect muscle growth. Maybe you are lifting weights many times, however you are not complying with an organized routine. The most advisable way to train is having 3 sessions of high intensity, interspersed by 2 sessions of less intensity. If you want a muscle group to grow you should train it at least twice a week to see true results.
You may be doing the exercise incorrectly . As much as you repeat an exercise a thousand times, if you do not do it correctly you will never see muscle hypertrophy. It is important to do a weight lifting correctly and safely, because in addition to not working the muscle properly, you can seriously injure yourself with a bad move using weights. It is advisable that you always consult with your coach how to do the exercise, to do it safely and achieve the best results.
Finally, another possible cause is the only one that we can not control, genetics . Unfortunately muscle growth has a genetic component, which comes with us from the moment we are born. There are two types of muscle fibers, type I or slow and type II or fast . It depends on what type of muscle fibers you have in greater quantity so that it is easier for you to develop muscle mass. This happens because type II or fast fibers are thicker than type I or slow, so the muscle will have a greater thickness initially, and it will be easier for it to grow faster.
If you are a beginner in the world of weight training,it is better to start little by little and be very consistent, as the results of these workouts will be seen in the medium or long term, giving you the body and health you are looking for if you do it well .

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Is it healthier to eat raw or cooked vegetables?

Cooked food with more properties

Let's start with the tomato , this vegetable contains lycopene, an antioxidant found in red fruits such as tomato, papaya, watermelon, among others. A study conducted at Harvard University showed that people who consumed high amounts of lycopene had a lower risk of heart attack and cancer .
The most important thing we should know about lycopene is that, to obtain its benefits in greater proportion, we must cook the food. This was demonstrated by Rui Hai Liu, professor of Food Science at Cornell University.
To make the most of lycopene, we can accompany it with certain good fats such as olive oil, avocado or olives.
Other vegetables that are preferable to consume cooked are asparagus, carrots, spinach and mushrooms , because when cooking they increase the antioxidants they have, such as carotenoid and ferulic acid. And the best way to cook them is steamed or boiled.
In the specific case of the carrot , cooking increases the levels of beta-carotene , which is an antioxidant of the carotenoid group. Beta-carotene, once it enters the body is converted into vitamin A , which is essential for our body since it promotes night vision, the immune system, fetal development - if you are pregnant, the carrot will come in handy- , production of red blood cells and growth of bones.

Raw foods with more benefits

When it comes to raw foods, two of the vegetables that have the greatest benefits if eaten raw are broccoli and cauliflower . The heat damages the sulforaphane , which is very good at preventing cancer and destroying the cancer cells that have been generated. The only bad thing about eating these raw vegetables is that they are difficult to digest, so they can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.
Beet is another vegetable that should be eaten raw. When cooking it loses all the folate, which helps generate new cells and proteins in the body.
What you must do to take advantage of all the benefits of raw or cooked vegetables, is to eat them in a varied way and follow the advice that we mention here . What you should always remember is that the best way to prepare cooked vegetables is steamed, this way you lose less nutrients and vitamins, being more beneficial for your health.

When to eat raw or cooked vegetables

When eating raw or cooked vegetables, keep in mind that some come well at certain times of the day and others at other meals.

In the morning

At this time, when you get up, it is best to eat raw vegetables because they cleanse the body and the digestive tract thanks to its fiber .

At noon

At the time of eating, you can also eat raw vegetables, although you can alternate with cooked vegetables.

Friday, 15 February 2019

How to choose the gym you need without dying in the attempt?

This year if I sign up for the gym! Surely you have heard this phrase on multiple occasions, especially on these dates. However, there are many people who raise this goal and do not comply. Lack of time or determination can impede the scope of this desire. If this is not your case and you have proposed as an infallible goal not to stop doing so, continue reading because we will give you some tips so you can choose the gym you need without dying in the attempt.
Choosing a gym suited to your requirements and needs involves investigating a bit of this market. This can help you achieve your goals faster, in a place that is comfortable for you, even if it suits your pocket.

Tips to choose the gym you need

There are many gyms and there are more and more, there is not a city in Spain that does not have one. Even innovative and colorful, with similar machines have come from another galaxy. And is that they are fashionable and increasingly booming because of the versatility they offer, when to keep in shape it is. However, there are certain characteristics that must be met to adapt to what you need.

Closeness to your home or work

Getting a gym that is close to where you work, live or study will help you maintain consistency. Having to travel long distances to get to your training site can lead you to feel unmotivated. If you can walk much better, so you can warm up some muscles. Also the lack of space to park the car will not be an excuse for not going.

Specialized trainer and quality of machines

Sometimes many gyms are equipped with good exercise machines, but they do not have qualified personnel. This must be a mandatory condition to be able to choose the gym you need; Because if you do not have specialized guidance, the results will not be as desired. In addition they will be the ones indicated, with their experience, to evaluate your evolution and keep you motivated . So, if you are already thinking about your favorite gym, make sure you have sports health professionals and personalized training .
As for the machine you have to be of quality and adapted to each type of exercise you want to perform. They also have to be in optimal conditions to be able to carry out the exercise successfully . Do not let yourself be carried away alone by the beauty of the spaces, the machines should be in a condition for daily use. The recommendation to make sure of it is to make a previous visit, look at the machines in detail and ask all the questions before signing up.

Schedules and Rates

One of the ways to choose the gym that you need and that adapts to your comforts is by checking your schedules. There are centers that because of their location the rooms and machines are occupied at certain times of the day. Check in advance the schedules they offer and in which there are not so many people, so that you can carry out each exercise correctly. It is also important to be sure of the opening and closing of the holidays , so you will not find surprises if you want to go one of these days.
The rates must be adapted to your needs. With the fashion that has imposed on going to the gym, many Low Cost types have emerged . These offer a very low rate to stay in a competitive position compared to a market that is growing. However, you must take into account the services and activities offered by each rate. This way you can make sure you really pay for what you need.

Monday, 21 January 2019

WOD, crossfit exercises for each day of training

WOD, are the abbreviations in English of the expression "workout of the day". Which, in Spanish means the training of the day. That is, Wod, it is an exercise routine for each day. In this sense, we can understand it as strength training or weights, cardio, gym, among others. It can last from five minutes to an hour and a half. Most of these routines are related to crossfit . In general, a sport that every day has more followers. Next, we present the best WOD that a crossfit lover should try ...

WOD Amanda

It is a routine that involves few exercises, but works the whole body. For that reason, Wod Amanda is considered very effective. It is a very intense training, but quite simple. It consists of only 2 sniffer and mucle-up exercises . The mucle-up, allows to work the whole upper part of the body. Back, arms, chest and triceps. For its part, the snatch is based on lifting a bar from the ground with a single pull and raise it above the head with the arms extended.

WOD Tabata

This method is one of the best known to get in shape and burn fat. It is a very efficient and well-known Wod. It is based on intervals of very short duration, but of high intensity. Its process consists of performing a butt exercise for 20 seconds. Then, rest and recover in just 10 seconds. This is repeated until completing 8 series.
In the Wod Tabata the following exercises are usually done: Sit-ups, sit-ups, strides, bottoms, push-ups of legs and arms. You can develop the routines according to your interests. You can do a single exercise. Combination of two or three. Even, that each series is of a different one. The best thing about Tabata is that it achieves excellent results in your body and in a very short time. This is because, it is a very demanding training for the body.

WOD Helen

It is one of the most demanding wods that exist. This is because, combine racing with strength. That is, cardio with bodybuilding. In general, you work with 400 or 500 meters of running with frontal elevation and dominated . These last two exercises are muscle-building.

To obtain the most optimal results with this Wod it is necessary to make three rounds. Each of them, with races of minimum 400 meters, 21 frontal elevations and 12 dominated in each series.

WOD Annie

If the use of gadgets is about. So, the rope can not be left out. The Wod Annie, allows the use of it. If you do not know what the rope is, then we tell you that it is a rope to jump. Yes, as you see Annie is about jumping the rope, but with some degree of difficulty. Since, you must perform the doublé - under.
The Wod Annie, only involves two exercises. The skipping jump and some abdominal exercise.It seems very simple, but it is not .The difficult part of this routine is the amount of repetitions that you should make of it . Which, could be countless.

WOD Zeus

It is one of the Wod that involves long duration and many exercises. It is ideal to obtain prominent muscles. If your goal is to acquire an amazing body this method is what you are looking for. The only thing you will need is a bar and a wall.
It is a Wod of 4 rounds. In each of the series should be made: 5 push ups, 15 pull ups, 25 push ups, 35 sit ups and 45 squats. It is mandatory between round and round to take breaks of 2 minutes.
It is a training where you can work your entire body in a very comprehensive way. It is necessary, as such, to carry out a previous heating and at the end of stretching. This, in order to avoid injuries. It can be considered one of the most extreme wod that exists .

WOD King Kong

It is the training that only very few can do. In fact, only the strongest manage to carry them out.If you are one of those So, pay attention because surely this Wod will be one of your favorites from now on.

The first thing you should know is that three rounds are made. In each round the weights to use are impressive . 100 kg and above are the standards. In general, the following exercises are used for the series: Deadlift with 455 pounds, 2 Muscle Ups, 3 Squat Clean with 250 pounds.

WOD Fran

It's the WOD of the three minutes. With this little time you will be able to intuit that it is a training that takes you to the limit. Doing the exercises in such a short time can throw you to the extreme of suffering. The pain you will feel in your body is only known to those who have experienced this experience.
Exaggerated weights, little time and a lot of repetitions will be the 3 fundamental ingredients of this practice. Only the strongest and most committed manage to do so. In fact, it is not recommended to be executed by beginners . A Wod that does your body works to the fullest. It is one of the most popular among veterans. To the point that there are established brands and records that are difficult to overcome.
The world record for this discipline is below two minutes. Which, is really incredible. Knowing the demanding of this sports practice. Without a doubt, one of the toughest Wods that exist.


For the practice of any sport, perseverance is necessary. However, when it comes to Wod for crossfit there are other factors to consider. You should never demand more of what you can give. Otherwise , your body can be seriously injured. If you are a beginner there are routines that you will not be able to perform until you have advanced and generated better physical conditions. The requirement in this class of practices are gradual. That is, you must go step by step. It's all a matter of time and know how to train. Remember, train in order to improve your health. The aesthetic improvements will come in addition.

Crossfit exercises to get toned muscles

Many of those who go to the gym do so motivated to get the results to speak for themselves and be reflected in a well-worked body with toned muscles. To make this a bit easier, in this article we will explain some crossfit exercises to achieve this purpose.
Most of the machines that are in the sports centers only focus on working a part of the body, making it a bit boring and training can be stagnant because the body ends up adapting. If you want to avoid this you can do crossfit and include some of these exercises to get toned muscles.

Benefits of crossfit

The Crossfit is a training based on performing functional movements such as: running, rowing, jumping rope, lifting weights, swimming, sit-ups, work with body weight and height jumps. The intensity of these circuits can be measured by time or energy, bringing the power of the body to the limit.
The main benefit of crossfit is to increase physical performance in a diverse way. Crossfit athletes train their muscles, joints and ligaments with functional movements , which means that they are useful for more than appearances. Well-planned workouts that use large muscle groups and various ranges of movement lead to better general health, posture, flexibility , strength and balance.

Other benefits of the crossfit

  • By combining many crossfit exercises in a single circuit, you will have the advantage of working several muscle groups , and you will be able to show off all your toned muscles, without having to dedicate hours of training to each one.
  • Accelerates your metabolism allowing you to continue burning calories after you have finished the workout.
  • Boost your body making it more tolerant of pain and physical exertion.
  • Strengthen your bones avoiding later suffering from osteoporosis.
  • Strengthen your cardiovascular system
  • You will lose more body fat and at the same time tone your muscles.
  • You will improve the elasticity of your body.

Crossfit exercises to get more toned muscles


Starting from the initial position hold a bar with your hands at shoulder height, raise your elbows in front of the trunk, low performing a squat, taking into account that the knee does not exceed the tip of the foot and the column remains straight. When climbing you must extend the arms to bring the bar above the head, and then return with the bar at shoulder height.
In this exercise you will work muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, twins, core and shoulders . If you are starting the best is that you start with little weight and go increasing according to your abilities.

Kipping pull up (Dominated)

This type of exercise in beginners requires some time of previous training to help develop strength and power in the muscles involved.
To start with the exercise, you should hold a steady bar with the palms of your hands facing outwards. Extending the arms so that the hands are beyond the distance of the shoulders and with the knees bent. You start by inhaling, elevating the body by flexing the arms and contracting the muscles of the back until the head passes over the bar that can be from behind or in front.
If you are not a beginner you can perform this exercise with speed and greater weight, managing to strengthen the body and improve your resistance.

Battle Ropes

It is an exercise in which cords are used thick enough to move by movements that must be constant while doing squats and displacements. You can modify the exercise if you include load on the other end of the ropes, to drag it towards you with your arms or with the full weight of your body.

You can also hang the rope to do climbing on it helped by the legs and arms . Depending on the use you are given, you can work different muscle groups. It is an ideal exercise to lose weight and get toned muscles.

Wall ball shot or ball toss

For this exercise requires the use of a medicine ball of 1 to 10 kilos depending on your abilities. For the initial position we will stand facing a wall with a distance that can be 50 centimeters, with the ball in hand at the height of the chin we make a squat, and then raise while the ball is pushed upwards, returning the ball to our hands we return to the squat.
If you are not a beginner you can perform this exercise with speed and greater weight, managing to strengthen the body and improve resistance, work the hamstrings, shoulders, pectorals, triceps, buttocks and quadriceps.

You can get out of the routine by trying other ways of training, if you are a fan of fitness you will surely like to try the crossfit , always remember to do it in an appropriate place for it with the help of experts in this field
Come and tell us about your experience with these crossfit exercises or offer other advice if you also practice crossfit!

Why do not your muscles grow despite doing weights?

Many times some people try enormously to make weights so that their muscles grow .   However, in certain cases, this mission ...