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10 nutritional trends for 2019

10 tendencias nutricionales para 2019

Foods derived from marine products are one of the trends. Like the seaweed smoothies.
(18-1-2019). Whole Foods has compiled a list of the 10 trends that will stand out at the nutritional level in 2019. New trends include flavors inspired by the Pacific coast, stable probiotics, new types of ice cream and the use of hemp, among others.
The company Whole Foods has published a list of trends that, according to their analysis, will surely dominate the food and nutrition market during the year 2019.
This company has investigated the opinions of many companies related to the sector and specialists, to develop the list of trends. The phenomena that will be implemented include the flavors that come from the Pacific coast or the flourishing nutritional industry related to legal marijuana.

10 trends

These are the 10 trends on the list for 2019:
  • Flavors inspired by the Pacific coast. One of the trends highlights that the flavors of Asia, Oceania and the western coasts of South America are booming. Whole Foods names the guava, the dragon fruit, the Philippine sausage, the dried shrimp, the cuttlefish and the shrimp paste as some ingredients that will be included in our diet.
  • Stable probiotics Probiotics have been increasing for a while, in the form of fermented kimchi or various pickled foods. Now, brands focused on wellness, cleaning products and beauty brands try to take advantage of the trend.
  • The fats The list highlights fats that incorporate certain diets such as keto , paleo , without grain and even pegan (paleo + vegan). These are "new sources of fat, such as keto-friendly nutritional bars made with MCT powder oil. Or chocolates stuffed with coconut butter, and a new wave of ready-to-drink vegan coffee drinks.
  • Delicious and different ice creams. The new trends are adding a new version of ice cream, with innovative bases such as avocado, hummus, tahini and coconut water.
  • Marine foods beyond the algae. Seaweed has already been consolidated in 2018. Now, ingredients like seaweed butter and seaweed noodles are being added to the menu.
  • Hemp renovated. The increase in CBD (cannabidiol) implies that hemp is already a topical issue, as a less problematic option legally in the boom of the cannabis business. "While CBD oil is still technically taboo (banned in food, body care and dietary supplements under US federal law), retailers, culinary experts and consumers do not miss the news related to cannabis when they visit trade fairs of the food industry, conferences on food innovations or at local farmers' markets. "
  • Vegetable appetizers that simulate being meat. While plant-based foods are not exactly new, experts say that more and more people, even those who are not just vegans or vegetarians, are exploring appetizers of vegetable origin. They look for novelties, a break from meat or more ways to add tasty flavors in snacks and meals.
  • Change in the motivations when buying food. In 2019, ecological concern and awareness for animal welfare increase. Whole Foods names examples such as Greyston Bakery, which has an open contracting model; Kuli Kuli, who employs women farmers.
  • Storage that respects the environment. Sellers are encouraging customers to use their own bags, stores are forbidding straws. And the single-use boxes are in danger of extinction. Some movements start as trends, then they become needs.
  • Gourmet appetizers The appetizers and sandwiches will offer a turn towards fantasy. They are introduced as variables of the usual routine of three meals a day. This year will be opted for cheese boards, ham and handcrafted versions of children's snacks.

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