Monday, 21 January 2019

5 exercises to strengthen the wrists

Like the knees and ankles, the wrists are joints that support a lot of load and that, although we do not realize, they work all day without stopping. That is why doing routine exercises to strengthen the wrists is a great way to prevent injuries that then reduce our quality of life.
Among the most common injuries in this part of the body is tendinitis caused by repetitive movements, the person feels pain, swelling and problems moving them. Another condition is carpal tunnel syndrome , which arises when the larger nerve of the wrist is pressed, there is a lot of pain, even inability to grasp objects due to the loss of strength and tingling, in these cases you have to look for therapies quickly to avoid operations.
Then we leave you 5 exercises that will help you strengthen the dolls , if you practice sports such as: weights, tennis, baseball and cycling, among others, they will make you have better performance and fewer injuries.

Exercises to strengthen the wrists

one. Stretch your arms to the front, with one of the hands take the fingers of the other (upwards) and gradually take them towards the forearm, then place the hand on the hand and bring the fingers down. Do it 3 to 5 times in each hand.

two. Place your arms stretched out in front and at the same time turn them outwards and inwards, try to hold the position for a few seconds.

3. Place the palms of the hand facing you, one by one bend the fingers doing a bit of force and keep them like that for a few seconds, repeat with the other hand.

Four. Take a small ball in your hand, stretch your arm with your palm up and raise and lower your wrist, remember to squeeze the ball a bit with your fingers.

5. With the same ball, now place it on a slightly long table, stretch the arm take it and raise and lower the wrist, this with both hands several repetitions.

What do you do if your wrists hurt?

If you already have an injury, the first thing you should do is put ice on it, in the case of wearing garments such as rings, watches or bracelets you have to remove them, as it is sure to swell, you can also take some analgesic for pain, try to immobilize the wrist and if the pain does not stop you should go to a doctor . Remember that if you are going to take therapies with certified people, since any wrong movement can increase the injury

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