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6 mistakes that are made in the bench press when training chest

Of all the exercises that there are to work the body, it is the chest bench press to which one has it in less consideration as far as execution technique is concerned. It seems that this exercise is the easiest to do in a gym and that it is only necessary to raise and lower the bar the number of times you consider necessary and this is enough.
Unfortunately, this is not the case, the chest bench press requires a lot of execution technique to avoid the appearance of an injury and also for the exercise to be really effective.

6 mistakes that are made in the bench press when training chest that put your health and performance at risk

Mistakes made in the execution of the bench press are many, but the following are the most repeated by many fans of the gym. Unconsciously, a bad routine is caught and over time these habits are very difficult to change

Back arching exigerated

The moment you arch your back you are putting the lumbar area at risk . If during the bench press chest you reach the point of having to arch your back is that you are going through the weight you lift. Almost without realizing you are looking to compensate for the lack of strength in chest and arms with the rest of the body and therefore use your back as an aid in this.
The arching of the lumbar area has to be almost negligible, this is produced by the downward movement since you pull the scapulae backwards and this causes this slight arching. If the arching is exaggerated apart from not working properly you have great chances of getting injured.

Go down very fast

How many repetitions can you do with 40 kilos on each side? I imagine that many if what you do is going up and down at full speed. The truth is that what is really important and what is going to mark your muscular development is how you execute this exercise.
When you press chest bench the movements have to be paused and at a not very fast speed , since it is in the movement when the musculature is activated. With this I do not mean that you take it as a walk, but if you do not overdo it at the speed of descent, which is when the chest is holding the weight.
On the contrary, if you practice a sport where an explosive movement of this part of the muscle is required, it is recommended that the impulse movement be fast and powerful , in this way you will accustom your body and mind to act in that way.

Load too much weight

A big mistake and the first one you see in gyms. There is no need to load the bar with discs and more discs if you're only going to be able to do 3 reps and you're going to take home a shoulder injury.
If you want to gain strength it is necessary that before you have a good base and this is achieved by doing the series with little weight, and if necessary with many repetitions. If you go with the weight you can end up injured (especially the shoulders ) and also you will not be able to maintain a good execution technique or gain muscle mass.

Have an assistant lift all the weight

I am not in favor of asking anyone for help to lift the weight, since this means that the chosen weight is too much for your body. But if you still decide to put more weight in the bar that you can lift without being destroyed you must remember that the person who guides you during the exercise does not have to be working biceps for you to finish your series.

The assistant that you seek simply is a support so that you can finish the exercise and in no time you have to be lifting all the weight that you can not lift.

Lift the feet

There is a widespread belief that when you lift your feet in the chest bench press, tension is applied to the lower back and that the abdominals are worked.

Lifting the feet in this exercise is counterproductive, since it takes away stability to the body (having no point of support) and makes it very difficult to execute, given that a lot of force is wasted when trying to maintain control of stability

Work with a wrong grip

So bad is an excessively open grip like a narrow one. When doing bench press, try to find the middle point where your elbows are at a right angle when you lower the bar. It is true that if you use a more open grip the chest area works more , while a narrow grip favors the work of triceps , but that does not mean you should exaggerate with the grips.
Also, before lifting the bar, make sure that on both sides the grip is the same since otherwise you would work in an unbalanced manner and run the risk of injuring yourself.

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