Monday, 21 January 2019

Advantages of the Crossfit versus bodybuilding training

There are so many advantages that have been heard about the crossfit that more than one should already be thinking of leaving the gym to enroll in this type of conditioning, since the results for the latter seem to speak for themselves, for the sample is enough with observing the bodies that are forged in a box versus those formed in a gym, so choose which one you prefer.

Crossfit or bodybuilding?

Certain comparative studies that were carried out among box assistants and people who attended a gym yielded more positive results for the first discipline compared to the gymnasium fitness training. People who exercised following the traditional method gained more agility. In the crossfiteros, the intense work that was done with functional and plyometric exercises helped them to improve in a short time their physical capacities of resistance and strength for the deadlift, they also obtained greater flexibility in motor skills.
The advantages of practicing this discipline and attending a gym is that the first is based on ten very important pillars to improve the physical condition they are; coordination, cardiovascular and pulmonary resistance, agility, balance, flexibility, strength, speed, precision and power. Therefore, if what you want is to get a functional body your work is inside a box and not in a gym, in the latter you will get a very marked body agile and strong, but not as strong and functional as a crossfitero . Despite its advantages there are those who say that work in the box can be more harmful than a gym, the true truth about this is that any exercise can become harmful if not done properly without supervision of a professional at the beginning.

Women may be the most reluctant to this practice because they consider crossfiteras girls look very masculine for their taste, this is not entirely true because it depends a lot on the approach that you want to give training. These women look like that because they are elite athletes who are preparing to participate in crossfit games , a world championship that rewards the man or woman who is in better shape.

Why can the box be more preferable than the gym?

This discipline represents a great community that generates a great sense of belonging among its members, this makes renouncing it somewhat less likely, because there will always be someone who is aware of you and your progress. In the gym sometimes this does not happen, at certain times we are alone doing the exercise because some of the gym mates end up leaving the exercise for intermittent periods, this sometimes happens because the work in the gym becomes very monotonous. With the conditioning in the box this does not happen, there you will always have the opportunity to try a variety of full-body exercises of short duration ideal for those people who do not have enough time to train, so it is thought that this type of training generates greater adhesion in people than in the gym.
The practice of this type of conditioning is very good for the body, but sometimes it is discouraged, for example, when people have chronic injuries in one of their joints, for these cases it is better to work alone in the gym .

For now, if your state of health is optimal and you have been with the gym for a long time you should give your body the opportunity to try something new, not without first having attended to these instructions for beginners in this training system.

How long can the crossfit transform your body?

This is the question that mostly people who are tired of trying that and the other, the good news is that we are talking about a type of high intensity training which really is a great incinerator of body fat, people who have tried it show that after three months they notice how the body really begins to lose weight .After the first six months of practice people stop worrying about the numbers of the scale, because after losing all that fat they start to increase muscle mass.
The success of this practice is that you start to be part of a large community that is willing to encourage you to end wod and continue to the next level. So you know, if you want to lose all the weight that you have not been able to lose with the gym you should consider attending a box so that the professionals in the crossfit can help you burn those little books in a short time and convert your body In a great functional machine, they can design a training plan that suits your physical condition.

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