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Basic exercises to do squats at home

Squats are an exercise that will allow us, among other things, to have strong and toned legs and perfect glutes . With them the quadriceps , the most voluminous and powerful muscle of our body, is mainly worked. Not in vain, is responsible for us to walk, run or sit among other activities. Hence the importance that is usually given to doing squats.

Exercises to do squats

A good job with the quadriceps will prevent us from having many injuries that are associated with sports practice . For this reason, we offer you a series of squats exercises that you can carry out easily at home.

Basic squat

If you have never done squats, it is best to start with basic training . First, you have to separate your legs slightly with your feet looking a little out. The trunk should be well stretched but without stressing the back . With arms outstretched, we begin to bend down, bringing our buttocks back slightly. The trunk should remain straight and the head facing forward.
If necessary, you can use the arms to maintain balance. You also have the option of putting your hands in front of your chest or bend your elbows and put your hands together. When the thighs are parallel with the ground, we return to the starting position.

Squat with parallel feet

Standing in front of a chair, we spread our legs slightly and we point our feet forward. Next, we flexed both knees to touch with the buttocks the seat of the chair without leaning. The back should remain straight and aligned at all times , while we bring the hips back. The exercise concludes by returning to the initial position.

This training can be done for 4 days a week . The first two weeks we will do 3 sets of 15 squats each, resting one minute between series and series. Every two weeks we will go up another series, until completing the last weeks with 6 sets of 15 repetitions.

Skater squat

Located in the initial position, we must take a leap towards the completely horizontal side, completely taking off the whole body to move it. When falling, we must do it with only one leg, which must be semi-flexed.
Then, without returning to the initial position, we climbed taking advantage of the inertia to jump back to the original side we were in, thus returning to the same position in which we fell earlier. This movement will be the one that we have to go repeating with the routine.

Bulgarian squad

In the Bulgarian squat, the back leg is supported on a platform (can be a chair) at the height of the knee of the other foot. Next, we flex the hind leg as a stride, which will make the trunk work much more to maintain balance. In the Bulgarian squat we can take our arms close to the body, use dumbbells or a bar.

Squats braced

When doing squats braced, we will use a disk, a dumbbell or kettlebell . This weight we have to hold it by extending the arms completely, to the point of keeping them in a fixed position. The back should be straight, with the torso facing forward and the look ahead. The legs have to be opened at the height of the shoulders and with the toes facing outwards.

In this way, we begin to descend. The arms will remain fully extended and the back straight. The buttocks should go backwards, as if we made the gesture of sitting down. Once we have lowered, it goes up to the starting position. In all this process, the arms have to be straight and completely immobile .

Final recommendations

Although many may find it easy to do squats, you should always take some precautions. Especially if we are beginners and we are going to start the practice of this training. In those first squats, it may be difficult to keep your back straight, so it is best to lean against the wall or chair . Precisely, the chair can be used to sit down when we get down in the squat. In this way, we will gradually learn the position that must be taken.
Finally, we must remember that the back must always stay straight . The buttocks should be pulled outwards and you should never lift the soles of the feet off the ground, especially when doing squats with weight.

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