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Crossfit exercises to get toned muscles

Many of those who go to the gym do so motivated to get the results to speak for themselves and be reflected in a well-worked body with toned muscles. To make this a bit easier, in this article we will explain some crossfit exercises to achieve this purpose.
Most of the machines that are in the sports centers only focus on working a part of the body, making it a bit boring and training can be stagnant because the body ends up adapting. If you want to avoid this you can do crossfit and include some of these exercises to get toned muscles.

Benefits of crossfit

The Crossfit is a training based on performing functional movements such as: running, rowing, jumping rope, lifting weights, swimming, sit-ups, work with body weight and height jumps. The intensity of these circuits can be measured by time or energy, bringing the power of the body to the limit.
The main benefit of crossfit is to increase physical performance in a diverse way. Crossfit athletes train their muscles, joints and ligaments with functional movements , which means that they are useful for more than appearances. Well-planned workouts that use large muscle groups and various ranges of movement lead to better general health, posture, flexibility , strength and balance.

Other benefits of the crossfit

  • By combining many crossfit exercises in a single circuit, you will have the advantage of working several muscle groups , and you will be able to show off all your toned muscles, without having to dedicate hours of training to each one.
  • Accelerates your metabolism allowing you to continue burning calories after you have finished the workout.
  • Boost your body making it more tolerant of pain and physical exertion.
  • Strengthen your bones avoiding later suffering from osteoporosis.
  • Strengthen your cardiovascular system
  • You will lose more body fat and at the same time tone your muscles.
  • You will improve the elasticity of your body.

Crossfit exercises to get more toned muscles


Starting from the initial position hold a bar with your hands at shoulder height, raise your elbows in front of the trunk, low performing a squat, taking into account that the knee does not exceed the tip of the foot and the column remains straight. When climbing you must extend the arms to bring the bar above the head, and then return with the bar at shoulder height.
In this exercise you will work muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, twins, core and shoulders . If you are starting the best is that you start with little weight and go increasing according to your abilities.

Kipping pull up (Dominated)

This type of exercise in beginners requires some time of previous training to help develop strength and power in the muscles involved.
To start with the exercise, you should hold a steady bar with the palms of your hands facing outwards. Extending the arms so that the hands are beyond the distance of the shoulders and with the knees bent. You start by inhaling, elevating the body by flexing the arms and contracting the muscles of the back until the head passes over the bar that can be from behind or in front.
If you are not a beginner you can perform this exercise with speed and greater weight, managing to strengthen the body and improve your resistance.

Battle Ropes

It is an exercise in which cords are used thick enough to move by movements that must be constant while doing squats and displacements. You can modify the exercise if you include load on the other end of the ropes, to drag it towards you with your arms or with the full weight of your body.

You can also hang the rope to do climbing on it helped by the legs and arms . Depending on the use you are given, you can work different muscle groups. It is an ideal exercise to lose weight and get toned muscles.

Wall ball shot or ball toss

For this exercise requires the use of a medicine ball of 1 to 10 kilos depending on your abilities. For the initial position we will stand facing a wall with a distance that can be 50 centimeters, with the ball in hand at the height of the chin we make a squat, and then raise while the ball is pushed upwards, returning the ball to our hands we return to the squat.
If you are not a beginner you can perform this exercise with speed and greater weight, managing to strengthen the body and improve resistance, work the hamstrings, shoulders, pectorals, triceps, buttocks and quadriceps.

You can get out of the routine by trying other ways of training, if you are a fan of fitness you will surely like to try the crossfit , always remember to do it in an appropriate place for it with the help of experts in this field
Come and tell us about your experience with these crossfit exercises or offer other advice if you also practice crossfit!

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