Monday, 21 January 2019

Do not skip leg days in the gym: these are the consequences

Every day I go to the gym I can see how those who exercise in it spend a lot of time in strengthening the most visible muscles and mainly the easiest to work with: the back, the arms and the chest. Unfortunately, they forget the day of legs in the gym, a must for any athlete who wants to develop a balanced muscles.

What happens if you skip leg days in the gym?

For some unknown reason a lot of people in the gym avoid legs because it is a muscle group that has to work hard and requires time, what they do not know is that by skipping leg day they are making a terrible mistake.
The legs are composed of a large number of muscles , including:
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Twins
  • Soles
  • Tibiales
  • Buttocks
In addition hip extensors and rotators are also related to this area and are other of the great forgotten by those who avoid the day of legs in the gym.
When you do not work legs you are letting this large amount of muscles atrophy and be unable to make high intensity movements. You may think that this does not affect you if you do not practice a sport where legs are necessary such as cycling or athletics, but it is not. Although you are a weightlifter, it is essential to keep in mind that your legs are another area that you have to work on.
The legs are composed of a large number of muscles of considerable size that, if strengthened, help to increase the calories consumed by the body , (the so-called basal metabolism ) simply by staying active. This makes it more difficult to gain weight because the muscles consume more energy.

Also, if you practice any of the sports mentioned above you will need to visit the gym weekly to strengthen your legs if you want to continue improving in that sport.
Finally, and in the case that you only lift weights and skip the day of legs in the gym, over time your knees will be damaged due to the extra weight they have to put up with. It is not healthy to strengthen the upper body and forget the legs that are those that maintain body weight or have the muscles of the body decompensated since the risk of injury increases considerably.

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