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Get more mastered with these exercises

In spite of being a fairly simple exercise in principle-basically, it consists of hooking on the bar and pushing you up-its execution is not always done correctly and therefore it is very, very difficult to get a high number of repetitions . Most people are only able to do less than 10 dominated and few people can do more than 15.  For those who have never done this exercise can be somewhat intimidating, but with good training and strengthening of the right muscles is possible to achieve more dominated.
One of the most important things to be able to do a high number of chin-ups is to be in a good general physical condition, since in the pull-ups all the muscles of the upper body are worked: the dorsals, the shoulder girdle, the back, shoulders, biceps and other arm flexors . Therefore, when you start absolutely from scratch and you do not have a physical background, it will be very complicated for you. If you are one of those who have not managed to do more than two or three dominated (and with much suffering), here you will find the necessary advice to increase your capacity and do more dominated.

Tricks to make more dominated

Prepare your back well

When we train the upper train, we tend to focus on biceps and triceps and the back is usually relegated. And this is a mistake, since the musculature of the back is fundamental to improve our performance and be able to achieve more dominated. Therefore, the first step to increase capacity is to strengthen the muscles of the back . A good exercise to do it would be to work the lats by lifting dumbbells.

To do this, support one knee on a surface higher than the other and position yourself so that you can bend your elbows upwards lifting the weights and then extend them again. This is one of the most common exercises to strengthen the back and, if your ultimate goal is to do more dominated, you will have to gradually increase the weight lifted. The ideal is to lift a weight every two days that allows you to perform 3 sets of 8 repetitions resting between sets.

Strengthen your hands and your grip

The grip is a key element when performing a dominated, since you can never do more dominated than those that support your grip. This means that you must have enough strength in your hands and the ability to stay hung in deadlift for a long enough time . For this, you have to spend hanging as long as you can. So you will get strength in your hands, you will improve the shoulders and other muscles that you also need when doing pull-ups.
So before trying more repetitions, hang on the bar in deadlift and alternate passive (deadlift) crashes with active cords (contracting the muscles), and try in each repetition to increase the seconds you spend hanging.

Perform complementary exercises

The only true trick to improve the dominated is to do more dominated, but combine them with some assistance exercises will help you to progress especially at the beginning. A good assistance exercise would be the inverted row, since it works the same muscles as the dominated ones but from a different angle , which allows you to strengthen the muscles that you will work with the dominated but without so much effort.

The exercise consists of stretching on your back under the exercise machine with solid bars (you can also do it on the rings or TRX tapes), grab the chosen item over your chest, and lift your own weight with your arms without losing your position . Make sure to contract the buttocks and abdominals throughout the exercise and focus on moving only the arms to achieve greater effectiveness . Place the bar, the rings or the tapes at a height where you can perform 3 sets of 8 repetitions at the limit of your strength, and go down the bar, tapes or rings more and more as you acquire strength.

Exercises to do more chin-ups

Assisted maids

As its name suggests, it consists of pull-ups that are done with help. In this way you can gradually get used to your body , and are ideal whether you are starting or if you already mastered the dominated (worth the redundancy) and do them by adding weight. The assisted domination can be done in different ways: with the gym machine enabled for it, if they have one; with elastic bands; or with the help of a chair or stool, bending the knees and supporting the tips, measuring with your feet the effort you make with the upper part of the body.

Negative dominions

They are easier to perform than normal ones, and perfect to strengthen the arms and improve grip . To do negative dominating, hang directly in the final pose of the dominated one (use a chair or stool if necessary) with the arms flexed and the chin located above the bar, keep this position for a few seconds and then slowly start hanging down. Lengthen the descent about 5 seconds and do not change the speed until you stretch your arms completely.

Scapular dominated

These dominated are perfect to develop a good technique in the mechanics of the dominated. Scapular massaging improves the stability of your scapulae (and your back in general) and allows you to isolate the first part of the movement. In addition, they contribute to maintaining the health of your shoulders, an essential factor when it comes to achieving more mastery . To do them, the only thing that elevates the chest without flexing the elbows when you push up to do the dominated, while low and close the shoulder blades (scapulae)

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