Monday, 21 January 2019

Get strong shoulders with these 2 exercises

The shoulders are, together with the legs, the muscle group that takes the longest to develop, strengthen and see results. Getting strong shoulders is not easy because in the day to day and are subjected to many efforts and therefore the work of strength in the gym must be greater than for other muscle groups that are not so requested every day.
Shoulders are key in a large number of sports, from swimming to soccer, to running on foot, so if you want to improve your performance in these sports you should get strong and powerful shoulders. Even if you only do weight lifting, the shoulders play a leading role in many exercises like the bench press.
To get strong shoulders here you have 2 exercises that will make you develop the maximum power in them.

2 exercises to get strong shoulders

one.Shoulder press

Classic exercises of which there are numerous variations (press with dumbbells, press with bar, press with pulley, etc.) and that you can not miss in your routine to get strong shoulders.

With the performance of the shoulder press you will work the anterior deltoid and the middle, as well as other muscles such as the triceps.
The correct technique is to lift slowly and also slow down to increase resistance to muscle fatigue. It does not do any good to load you with a lot of weight if the repetitions you do it very fast and with inertia

Within the shoulder press, specifically with which the bar is used, there is the possibility of doing it in 2 ways. The first is passing the bar in front of the head, where the muscles indicated above would be worked or passing the bar behind the head, passing the force to the middle part.

two.Shoulder presses

If you are able to do 10 repetitions of this exercise, I congratulate you: you have iron shoulders. Shoulder pressures are the most complicated and complete exercises that exist to work all the muscles of the shoulders. The execution of this exercise requires having a good balance and strength not only in the shoulders, but in the core that is in charge of keeping the body straight.

The difficulty of this exercise lies both in the posture that you must maintain during the exercise as well as by the weight that the body has to hold during the bending.

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