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Gym machines to train the legs

The different types of gym machines to train the legs are very efficient to be in shape and tone our body, we can see that there are many of them, and sometimes we do not know how to recognize the specific functions of which they are composed and their usefulness, it is for that, mainly, it is appropriate to know what are the parts of our body that we need to reinforce and stop in them, to be able to develop volume in them and to be able to enjoy a firm and healthy body. Since the sedentary work, the routine of the day to day and the responsibilities, become, sometimes, for our muscles, in a scourge that produces sagging and as a consequence, it causes that our muscles are debilitated and in addition, go out to striae, cellulitis and skin deteriorations that once they appear, it is very difficult to eliminate.

The different types of gym machines to train the legs and get toned muscles

Among the great variety of different types of machines to harden the muscles of the legs, those related to the use of their exercise and reinforcement, is the most important, since it is the area of the body that we use to walk and move. Sometimes it happens, that when we go to the gym, we focus on hardening the upper body, playing down the development of the muscles of the legs, getting us to have an abdomen, and very defined arms compared to the lower part of the body, They remain skinny. That is why I am going to start by describing which are the most effective machines for toning the leg muscles.

Leg press

It is a type of machine, which is worked with a straight back resting on a base and pressure is made by a pulley mechanism that controls the weight, which can be adapted to the one we want to lift. With the legs superimposed vertically on a platform, the exercise consists in bending them and exercising them with pressure. The part of the muscles that are exercised are those of the upper part, which are the most difficult to tone. Depending on the way we place the feet, we reinforce one area more than others, for example, if we position the feet at the bottom, harden the quadriceps and twins, instead, if we put the feet on the top of the platform , tonify the femoral area.

Abductors / adductors machine

It refers to the inner side of the muscles and external face of the thighs, it consists of fitting the feet in specific pads, so that they move us and we can perform the exercise, joining the knees parallel to our body. To work the adductors, upper thigh, the exercise is to press the knees to the sides, allows controlled movements and guided depending on the level of pressure that we are feeling.

Femoral machine

It is one of the most common machines in all gyms, it consists of placing us face down, and with our feet deposited in pads or cushions, we go flexing them, this allows the femoral muscles to be exercised, it is important because it gives the muscle force that allows them to support large loads on the legs.

Heel lifting machines

It is an exercise that develops the twins, it is done standing with your shoulders supported on a pad, being the point of support where the pressure is supported, and we are doing exercises of elevation of heels, we will notice how the twins feel pressure, while we raise them .
Knowing the different types of machines to harden the muscles of the legs, also allows us to inform ourselves about the anatomy of the same, since the legs are composed of long and small muscles, and are vital to perform basic actions, such as walking, running , or walking; To achieve an optimal development of our leg muscles , is to offer greater flexibility and agility to our movements, and therefore, improves our physical health.

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