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Increase muscle mass: how to train if you are a thin person

Erroneously one tends to think that a thin person does not require physical activity because he believes that his weight already frees him from it, which is why only physical exercise is related to weight loss. Ectomorphic or thinly constituted people should also train , and should do so to increase muscle mass, the reason goes beyond body aesthetics.
Having a good muscle mass is essential to execute the movements that are required daily, if you do not believe me, wait until the years go by and you will realize what I am talking about. Next we are going to talk about what you should keep in mind when training if you are a thin person.

Why is it so important to increase muscle mass?

The movements that you execute daily involve groups of muscles, these are in charge of making the contractions and the force for that movement. By leading a sedentary life we are accelerating the loss of muscle mass and it becomes more noticeable when you start to reach an advanced age, otherwise it happens if you worry about maintaining it or increasing it, you can see how you gain more strength and greater resistance to pain in comparison with other people, besides this, is also responsible for increasing your basal metabolism by increasing the calorie burn. It should also be noted that good muscle density prevents degenerative problems in the joints and reduces the effects of gravity. An example of this can be seen in the area of the abdomen, when it has a weak abdominal girdle the abdomen becomes prominent. All this weight that is concentrated in this area causes your column to become curved, and that is where you go acquiring the typical column problems

Training in thin people

There are types of training that do not favor you if you are ectomorphic, for example, it is not recommended to do cardio excessively , try to do intense sessions but very short. You should focus on exercises with enough weight or with the weight of your body. An exercise routine with Kettlebells is ideal to increase muscle mass and gain strength and flexibility, there are also a bit harder routines like those developed in the Crossfit , but if you prefer to train in isolation each group of muscles we will recommend the following exercises:

Exercises for the arms

Triceps bottoms : to start, stand with your back to the bench, with your hands resting on the edge, bend your elbows and arms very close to your body, keep your legs bent and resting on your heels, start lowering until your elbows form a angle of 90 ° without them extending to the sides, then back up with force from the triceps, inhale to lower and exhale when climbing. You can do 5 sets of 20 repetitions.

Triceps extension with dumbbell above the head: stand with your legs slightly bent, take the dumbbells with your arms vertically and elbows forward, start bending your elbows to bring the dumbbells back, but you have to check that these do not open to the sides. You can do 5 sets of 20 repetitions.

Exercises for the abdomen

In order for you to work correctly in this area, I would recommend that you opt for Pilates for a flat stomach .
Abdominals with elastic bands: from the floor, lying down, secure the bands at one point of the floor and the handles at your feet, start raising the legs until forming a 90 ° angle, make sure to activate the abdominals correctly so that the tension is not feel in the neck or in another place, do not make sudden movements.

Exercises for legs

Squats with weight: remember that to perform the squats you must bend the knees and not allow them to exceed the tip of the feet.

Desplantes: you start with your back straight and your abdomen contracted, then you take one leg backwards to form a 90 ° angle with it, in doing so you must contract the buttocks.
We also recommend going up and down stairs to strengthen legs and glutes. The chest bends to work the top, pull up, deadlift. Also depending on your physical capacity you can improve them and adding additional weight to increase the degree of difficulty, in this way the body will not get used so quickly.

And finally…

Consume high protein foods after finishing training, complex carbohydrates and foods rich in good fats for the body, such as walnuts, quinoa, olive oil etc.

The correct diet will always be the main key so you can increase your muscle mass with the help of exercise with weight, so do not skip breakfast.
Sleep enough so that growth hormone is stimulated correctly . Leave days of rest so that you can fully recover from the exercise . If you feel that the routine has left you crushed, massage yourself with the help of a roller.
If you are a boy or a thin girl there is no reason for you to leave the training aside, it is time for you to start giving volume to those muscles.

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