Monday, 21 January 2019

January only concentrates 10.3% of registrations of gyms throughout the year

The employer Fneid dismantles the myth that ensures that the gyms are filled with the arrival of the new year and are emptied the following month (as shown by this Meme widespread by social networks), ensuring that in February they are higher than in January.
(17-1-2019). January is not the highest month in sports facilities, contrary to what is usually thought for the purposes of the new year, as reflected by the data of the National Federation of Sports Facilities (FNEID), which dismantles some latent myths in the sector.
From the employers point to that the month of January concentrates 10,3% of the total of the inscriptions that are made during the year, and is placed as the fourth month with the highest volume of incorporations. In addition, we must bear in mind that in this month of January there are some registrations that are not new, but come from users who make a parenthesis in December due to travel or vacations.
Another of the myths that dismantle the data of Fneid is that the inscriptions of January are New Year's resolutions that are written off in a short time. In this sense, only 14% of registrations are written off on April 30, according to data from previous years.
The sector recognizes that February is even better than the month of January in terms of registrations to sports facilities, below months like September and October, the best of the year. Also November has been above January in two of the last five years.
According to the manager of the sports facilities management, Alberto García Chápuli, "the real challenge of FNEID is to make the population aware of the need to make physical activity a habit of healthy living that provides innumerable benefits that will help them to be better in the day by day and to prevent chronic diseases, among whose risk factors is this lack of physical activity ".
The employers are immersed in the fight against physical inactivity, for which it is essential to promote access to sport and physical activity through the creation of a fiscal policy specially designed in this area and the collaboration of public administrations to raise awareness among the population and thus be able to reduce the serious effects caused by sedentary lifestyle.

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