Monday, 21 January 2019

Lactic Acid: Everything you need to know to maximize your muscle growth

If you are the kind of person who exercises using weights , or are simply a connoisseur of the exercise, on more than one occasion you should have heard about an organic compound that helps muscle growth: lactic acid . This compound is vital within several organic processes and can help you maximize your performance and your muscle growth rate .
Before starting, it is necessary to understand what is the metabolic function that this compound has. It is nevertheless necessary to clarify that this is not a medical article, and we will simplify the biological function of it to understand the process of muscular formation.
When we do exercises that encourage anaerobic respiration , that is, that the cells can fulfill their metabolic function without oxygen , we also encourage muscular hypertrophy . In this process lactic acid enters, who fulfills the metabolic function to generate Adenosin Tri Phosphate , better known as ATP , or simply energy. The production of lactic acid maintains a stable concentration until the demand for it by muscle tissue exceeds the supply of oxygen in the blood; In other words, when anaerobic respiration is stimulated.

When we train, it is important that we then use our lactic acid reserves efficiently to meet our training goals . If you are looking to grow in muscle mass is of the utmost importance that you do not overdo the warming , if you do then your body will begin to spend this energy supply and you will not have it at the end of your routine; which is a serious loss in terms of body formation in the exercise. It is advisable to do no more than 5 minutes of low intensity warm-up before starting your routine. This way you will avoid injuries and you will not lose the valuable lactic acid that helps the formation of muscles and energy generation.

If you are one of those who feels that a good exercise session requires more cardio vascular training time, we suggest you to alternate the exercise. At the end of your weight routine you can do cardio exercises without any problem for as long as you want, at the intensity you prefer without compromising the results obtained by previous training.

In Healthy Sport we invite you to share your opinion and tell us about the type of workouts you do with your daily exercise routine. Do not hesitate to share with us your doubts and concerns regarding an issue as relevant as this is.

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