Monday, 21 January 2019

Rest in strength training, what is its importance?

If we are practicing a routine of strength or volume, or both, many times we will realize that, between training days there are days for rest . Normally they are routines that are performed 3 or 4 times a week, so they are not suitable for those who want to practice sports every day.
The athletes who have as their training base the thought of "I have to do sports every day to not leave my body", should understand that resting is something that they have to keep in mind so that the muscles can develop, especially when It deals with demanding sessions of training, such as strength or volume , where we demand that the muscle work until there is a failure or extreme effort so that the fibers can be broken to the maximum, so that on days of rest recompose and leave strengthened.
The muscles can not always be in tension. This happens when you train tirelessly, believing that this way, muscle growth will be greater. It is true that exercise and rest must be in balance, but stopping at either end can be just as dangerous for muscle development.

What is the importance of rest days in strength training?

Rest days allow recovery, growth and motivation so that the days of sessions are stronger and we can have full performance. However, if you feel you want to do sports every day, spend the rest days to other less demanding activities, with less effort, such as swimming, running smoothly, doing pilates or yoga. There are many activities that you can practice on rest days without your muscles feeling resentful.
On the days of rest, add more calories and see how you get the strength and volume routine to have its results, no matter how the definition is resentful, because when you vary the training model, you can perform physical background routines and definition with a greater resistance.
Finally, we can add that the long rest times are the best for power and strength are rewarded, because, if they are training dedicated to improving these aspects of strength, what we need is to achieve performance, not muscle fatigue , and these long breaks, give us a great energy to face the training with intensity without being affected by fatigue.

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