Monday, 21 January 2019

Routine to get iron hamstrings

The hamstrings are a very important area for any athlete, regardless of the sport you practice. If you run you need them to move forward, if you swim they intervene in the kick and if you ski they help you to get down safely. In the gym there are many machines that promise miracles and an adequate strengthening of the hamstrings, but I am going to give you a routine to get strong, powerful and resistant hamstrings .
The hamstrings are difficult to work because they often have a lack of strength because they have not been trained or because they are atrophied from spending so much time sitting and without practicing any kind of sport. But it's never too late to change this and get better performance in your favorite sport.

Routine to get strong and powerful hamstrings

You may think that the only way to get strong and powerful hamstrings is to lift exaggerated weights on the gym machines. This thought is wrong, because with your own body you can achieve great results.

Nordic Curl

Indispensable in your routine to get strong hamstrings. In the Nordic curl the hamstrings are worked in an eccentric way and I tell you that their execution is not easy.

How could you see in the previous video, in the Nordic curl you work starting on your knees and slowly you go down the torso endured said descent . As the inclination of your body increases with respect to the knees the difficulty increases. Although the ideal is to have a partner to hold your ankles to not rise, you can also put a bar with weight to avoid lifting them.

Isquiotibiales with fitball

To say that it is my favorite falls short. Working the hamstrings with the fitball is appropriate in sports where this is very requested, such as running on foot or football. It is ideal because in this exercise the movement is similar to the one that occurs during the race and therefore you can not forget to include it.

It is a difficult exercise to perform due to the load to which they are subjected to the hamstrings.
With both feet on top of the fitball it is about lifting as much as possible and bringing the ball to you with the strength of the hamstrings.A trick to increase the intensity is to move the ball away from you before starting the exercise, so there is no flexion in the knee and the effort is greater. Once you master it with both legs you can try it with only one.

Hamstring flexion with rubber

Another one that always has to appear in your hamstring routine. With a simple rubber you can get great results.
Lying face down and with one side of the rubber attached to a fixed object and the other to your ankle, try to bend the knee as much as possible so that your heel touches the gluteus. It is very difficult that you manage to touch it, but as the heel approaches you will notice a great tension in the hamstring. Stop at that point before suffering a cramp.

As you see with this simple hamstring routine you will get a great improvement of strength and power in this muscle is often forgotten by athletes.
Remember that weak muscle is synonymous with a weak muscle chain , because if one of the muscles does not provide strength, the rest must supply it, compromising performance and increasing the risk of suffering injuries of varying consideration.
These exercises are my favorites and before I go for a run I do them to activate the muscles (along with others in the lower body). And what exercises do you strengthen the hamstrings?

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