Monday, 21 January 2019

Strength training in women and differences with men

Women do not have to do sports different from those of men, even though they require more strength, but some considerations in strength training in women must be taken into account.

The frequency you tolerate it better

The ability you have to recover after hard exercise is usually greater than that of men. Normally, you will require less rest time between sets. Therefore, an organization for training with long recoveries between series can end up boring a woman. Programs for women include a frequency of stimuli to exploit their ability to recover.

You are more comfortable in total body training after the sessions

Usually, women work best when they use the whole body in sessions. This is coupled with the woman's ability to recover in less time. Divide the sessions by muscle areas is not advisable unless you are a bodybuilding professional. The ideal is to train the whole body in all sessions, it is the coach's job to distribute the exercises so that there are no loads or pains in the next few hours.

Discomfort when training in the free weight part

Sometimes, women are not comfortable in the free weight part of the gym. They can feel insecurity and the looks of other colleagues. If so, ideally, look for someone who can accompany you and want to practice the same in the gym. But if the environment is too hostile, it is best to change gym . It will not be very difficult to find another sports center in your town or city where you feel more comfortable.

Physiological and anatomical differences

The differences in these aspects between men and women are considerable. Many women have the disposition of the knees in the form of X, which must be taken into account when proposing exercises in strength training, such as strides. The muscular changes that happen in women are different from those that happen in men.

Subtract importance to the work of flexibility and mobility and pay attention to the stability

Generally, women have much more flexibility than men, and many have hypermobility or hypermobility in some joints. What causes hypermobility is that the back arches more when doing squats, push up, isometric abdominal plate or dead weight. If you have hypermobility, you should know how to stay in a comfortable position on your back during strength training.
In your case, it is best to focus on activation and stabilization exercises while doing general dynamic warm-up, better than in joint mobility exercises and static stretching. If you do right exercises, with full range of movements, you will maintain the mobility of your joints at the same time that you include strength and stability in the joints.

Intense training in strength training

Surely you like to be strong and athletic, you will realize the day you can reach the perfect push up . When you realize that lifting heavy loads does not make your muscles grow in volume, but will lead you to improve and better define your body, you will have a huge desire to perform strength training frequently.

Different feeling of competitiveness

Men tend to sting, but women like to compete with themselves. Always want to overcome their own challenge and perform the exercises better than the previous day to avoid falling into stagnation. It would be nice if you used a journal to write down how you did in each training session. Making this diary you will know what you have to improve and how high you are on the way to your challenge.

The curves and glutes

Getting a good glute requires much more time than if you train other parts of the body. The best thing is to be patient, if you have not trained your glutes for a while, they will not be in shape in a couple of weeks. To activate them efficiently, choose high loads .

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