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Strong shoulders: what is the routine that I should follow?

At the time of beginning to train it is necessary to have a comprehensive training, where you can work with ease every muscle of your body and in such a way to maintain the general aesthetics of the body. Having said that, it is important to have a routine that varies different types of isolated training and work in a focused way for each muscle. Today we will talk about a fundamental part of everyone's training: Shoulders .
The shoulders are a fundamental part of the physical appearance that we all seek, it is necessary to pay due attention to it and work according to the training that is sought. To begin our research it is necessary to define the muscle under study: the deltoid . The deltoid is a muscle divided into three sections: anterior, middle and posterior. It is important to emphasize that to obtain an effective training you will have to work these three muscles weekly.

Previous deltoid

As the name implies, this is the muscle that is facing the shoulder , that is, limiting with the pectorals and the middle deltoid . This muscle is favored before certain types of exercises. What the academic literature says about this muscle is that it is more favored by press exercises. Among the best options we have to work this muscle we find:
  • Military Press
  • Press Military sitting
  • Press Military with dumbbells
  • Front elevation of standing dumbbells
  • Front elevations with bar

Middle Deltoids

As the name implies, this is the part of your shoulder that faces out from the shoulders , perpendicular to your neck, bordering on the other parts of the shoulder. This is one of the most difficult muscles to train in isolation, since it benefits from the training of anterior and posterior deltoids. It is important to note that this muscle should not be forgotten, as it is responsible for giving the volume and coconut look so sought after when working shoulders. Among the exercises that you can use to work this muscle are:
  • Lifting dumbbells in opening
  • Press sitting behind the neck
  • Rowing with hands together
  • Front elevations with bar

Posterior deltoid

It is the back of the deltoid that borders the trapezius and is one of the muscles that contributes most to the shape and definition of your back . There is a wide variety of machines in the gym to train this muscle. It also benefits from movements slightly different from those used in the two anterior muscles. It is also vital to perform calisthenics as parallel exercises. Among the exercises that can benefit the most are:
  • Lateral elevations with trunk tilted forward
  • Rowing to the neck with separated hands
  • Rowing with hands together
  • Front elevations alternating with low pulley


To create a workout that optimizes muscle performance while maintaining our rhythm with other muscles is recommended to train the shoulder at least 3 times a week , respecting the two days of rest to promote muscle hypertrophy . Within these days of training it is also advisable to work on the shoulder as much as possible as the main muscle , at least twice a week. You should also bear in mind that the shoulder is optimized when working with the chest or legs, since these muscles are not complementary, which suggests an optimal use of the different muscle fibers with your training.
Another complementary exercise, very famous that works different muscle fibers is known as the Press Arnold . This training has the name of its creator, Arnold Schwarzenegger , who in his early stages of bodybuilding career wrote about it in the magazine "Men's Health". Do not hesitate to use this exercise to complement your routine to get strong shoulders .

In Healthy Sport we are interested in knowing your opinion about it, leave a comment about your shoulder routine and how you do to optimize your growth.

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