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The best crossfit exercises for steel abs

Getting a marked abdomen is the goal of many people who go to a gym, some manage to unclog their abs, but others try their best not to get it. For this we bring you some Crossfit exercises for abdominals that can accelerate the process of marking the abdomen in a brutal way.

Advantages of working the abdomen with the crossfit

The Crossfit is one of the disciplines that includes working with the whole body. The movements that are made are focused on the functionality tonicity and strength, some of them are quite effective to work the area of the abdomen because they have as a requirement the abdominal activation to be able to execute the movement. This is very different from the traditional abdominal exercises that are done lying on the floor.
Being a type of intense training that allows to accelerate the metabolism, it manages to burn all the fat of the body including that of the abdomen . This is thanks to the combination of cardio with strength and endurance.

Crossfit exercises for sculpting the abdomen

If the conventional exercises are not giving you the best results then start to try the Crossfit . Here we are going to share some very good exercises to get all that fat out of this area and uncover some beautiful abs.

Abmat sit-up

A simple exercise with which beginners can begin. To do this you must have a padded surface called ABMAT which you will place on the floor. Above it you will rest the lower back to start the movement.
Start lying on the floor, put your feet together and bend the knees making them point outward, then extend your arms backwards and start lifting the body off the floor until you are seated, then lift it with the palms of your hands towards the tips of the feet, after reaching the tips of the feet begins the descent to the initial position slowly, the slower you do it, the greater the abdominal activation.

Kettlebell swing

This is an exercise that is done with kettlebells . The balance that is made with them forces the core to stabilize the movement. The exercise is done standing up, separating them at the distance from the shoulders, then the Russian weight is taken with both hands and it is located in the middle of the legs, after this a semi-squat is performed with the hip delayed. From this position the Kettlebell is brought to the height of the shoulders by a hip stroke.

L - sit

The L-Sit is an isometric abdominal that can be executed on the floor or on two parallel bars. This is an intense exercise that works the obliques and the rectus abdominis , which requires technique for its execution.

Hollow Rock

Hollow Rock is a body swing that is done by adopting an isometric position with the abdomen. This must be contracted all the time so that the body adopts a curve in the shape of a banana.
The exercise is performed on the floor on a cushioned surface, the arms are held back and the legs are extended, then the abdomen is contracted and the legs and arms are raised from the floor forming a banana with the body, after this a slight swinging with the tips of the feet. During the swing you should keep the abdomen contracted.

Feet to the bar

It is a very intense Crossfit exercise that consists of hanging on a bar and then trying to bring the feet towards it by means of the contraction that is done with the abdomen.
For those who start with the exercise and can not bring their feet to the bar, they can try to bring their knees to the front first, after having a little more strength in the abdomen they have their legs extended towards the front, and then they try to take them feet up to the bar.
There are those who manage to execute the exercise with the help of balancing, in any case the method you choose to do it will make you work the core.


This is one of the classical mu isometric exercises that are also included in the Crossfit . It is responsible for working hard on the core and the transverse muscle. From this exercise, many variants emerge, such as the Lateral Plank or the extended plate.

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