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The best exercises to increase muscle mass in legs

There are many people who can not increase muscle mass in their legs, partly because they do not devote the necessary time or skip the training of this part of the body. Not everything is lost, you can get thick and toned legs with the help of the following exercises that are very effective if done in a disciplined manner, accompanied by a very good diet. Keep reading to find out what are the exercises that will take you to increase muscle mass in the legs.

The most powerful exercises to increase muscle mass in legs

Having thick legs will allow you to have greater strength strength and agility to perform activities that include walking jump running and climbing, in addition to improving your athletic performance if you are an athlete. In order for you to increase muscle mass in your legs, you must properly train quadriceps femoris and twins, these can be done in isolation, always including some resistance. Here we are going to tell you which are the best exercises to achieve thick legs, but before starting do not forget the warm-up and previous stretching and to be sure of your progress take the measurements of the thickness of your legs and check them periodically.

Front squats with bar

To start with the exercise you must stand and separate the knees at the same distance from the shoulders, start by taking the bar with the palms facing upwards and take the bar up placing it on the pectorals with the elbow raised, bend the knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor, take care not to arch your back to avoid injuries, then return to the standing position with the bar at the level of the pectorals. Perform 3 or 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions each.

strides with bar

Exercise with the most preferred results for women , because in addition to increasing muscle mass in the legs also helps to increase the buttocks. Start the exercise standing and with your legs at a distance from the shoulders, take a bar and place it behind your back resting on it, Start by taking a long step forward by bending both knees so that the trunk descends straight. Special care must be taken to ensure that the front knee does not exceed the toes when bending it, the other knee should not touch the floor in any case, the tension should be felt in the front leg, the part of the hip and the lower back If this is not the case, you are doing the exercise incorrectly. Finish climbing with the help of the leg that is in front, repeat the same exercise with the other leg .

Dead weight sumo style

Start standing up facing the bar, spread your legs a little, bend your knees a bit and take the bar with the palms of your hands in parallel to the width of your shoulders, inspire and incorporate the body upwards while holding the bar with the hands, to support greater you must locate a palm of the hand facing outward and the other inwards also known as supination and pronation, hold this position for a few seconds and return to the beginning. Do not forget to contract the abdomen and keep your back straight during this exercise.

The deadlift is also one of the preferred exercises to increase muscle mass in legs and get more pronounced gluteus.

Squats with separated legs

This exercise is very good to strengthen the inner side of the thighs. The first thing to do is hold a bar with both hands and place it behind the head at the back, then place your feet facing outwards and spread them beyond the width of your shoulders. You first inspire and then descend until the knees are parallel to the floor and facing outwards. Care must be taken not to tilt the torso or arch the back, in addition to the abdomen must be contracted . we exhale and return to the initial position. Perform 3 or 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions each.

Squats pistol

This is an exercise that does not require special elements to do it but it does not mean that it is not highly demanding, the pistol squats are a very good option to increase muscle mass in legs if you have to resort to the bar, as you increase your dexterity to perform this exercise you can add weight with the help of dumbbells.
The exercise is to descend supported by one leg, it is a movement that requires a lot of strength and balance, so it is recommended to start first with half a squat as shown in the video and then go forward.

Share with your friends these good exercise routines to increase muscle mass in legs, do not forget that they must be done correctly to avoid injuries.

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