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The best training methods to gain muscle volume

Most traditional bodybuilding workouts help strengthen and tone muscles, but they do not always serve to achieve the goal of increasing the volume of muscle mass. Luckily, there are some training methods to specifically gain volume and maximize the power of your biceps, triceps, quadriceps and other parts of the body. In this article we tell you the best.

The superseries, the best training to gain muscular volume

In terms of muscle hypertrophy, doing more series in a single muscle or muscle group is more beneficial than following a full-body routine in which you work all the muscles on the same day at a lower intensity. When it comes to growing muscle mass, supersets are more effective than simple bodybuilding exercises because of their ability to increase the secretion of somatropin (growth hormone) and testosterone. Therefore, the best training to gain volume in the muscles are supersets.
This type of training is based on performing pairs of exercises continuously with little rest between the series . There are different combinations of muscle groups and various ways of doing them. Here we highlight the most common

Antagonist supersets

Antagonist superseries are a type of volume training consisting of doing a series of two exercises in which opposing muscles work without resting . For example, in the case of the arms the superseries could consist of a biceps exercise (dumbbell lifting, bicep curl with bar ...) followed immediately by one of triceps (diamond bending) without rest between the two. Thanks to this, a very high level of strength can be maintained in both muscles during exercise, which will achieve a maximum load that will stimulate the growth of the muscles. Other pairs of muscles that can be worked are the cĂșadriceps and hamstrings, or the chest and back.

Agonist supersets

In addition to antagonistic superseries, exercises that work muscles agonistically can also be included in the training session to gain volume. These types of exercises work different parts of the same muscle in particular to accentuate in those cases. It can be used in those cases in which muscle growth has stagnated, and there are two different ways to do it.

Muscle pre-fatigue exercises

The first one is to do an isolation exercise immediately followed by a compound exercise, without rest between them. With this method we get to load the muscle after having fatigued previously, which stimulates its development. For example, in the case of the arms we could work the biceps agonistically by first doing a barbell curl and then a dumbbell curl.

Muscle post-fatigue exercises

The other form of training to gain volume through agonist superseries are post-fatigue muscular exercises follow the opposite pattern: first we perform the compound exercise , and then and without rest the isolated exercise or concentration .

Things to keep in mind in your training to gain volume

If you want to optimize the training to gain volume it is important to know the exercises that must be done, but you must also take into account another series of factors:

Intensity and training until failure

The intensity of training in supersets will be determined by the weight and the number of repetitions. The weight you drive when training in supersets should be the one with which you can do between 6 and 12 sets before reaching muscle failure (when you can not do one more repetition)

Watch the rest

It is important not to rest between exercise and exercise, as stopping a long time can be counterproductive in training to gain volume in your muscle mass. Therefore, rest intervals should be reduced to around 60-90 seconds between each set to maximize muscle hypertrophy. Even so, it is always necessary to respect the breaks between superset and superset. Excess training can decrease the effects of gaining muscle . For this reason, most programs to increase volume have to be spread over the course of a week and should not be carried out for a prolonged period. Therefore, the ideal is that for each training session you choose a single muscle group, and then you will have to let it rest for the rest of the week. The rest of the days (no more than a total of three a week), a different muscle group works.

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