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The importance of exercising the core with these exercises

When we speak of exercising the core we refer to the central and deepest muscles of your body. The word core means nucleus or center , and it is used to denominate this group of muscles that are in the central region of the organism. Among the muscles of the core we can find the rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, the obliques, the erector muscles of the spine, pelvic muscles and gluteals.
The importance of this group of muscles is that they give stability to your trunk and your entire body. For this reason it is essential to give the importance they deserve, and you must train and strengthen them to avoid bad postures, backaches , and facilitate our movements in daily life and especially when doing physical activity. The muscles of the core protect your spine, from the moment of breathing, to when to do torsions of the spine. These muscles limit the movement of rotation, lateralization, flexion and extension of the spine and give it stability along its entire length to avoid injury.

Exercises to strengthen the core

To evaluate the strength and resistance of your core muscles, you must do one of the following exercises:

Irons or planks

It's a great way to analyze how your muscles are working together. You should lay face down on a flat surface, support your hands under your shoulders, lean on your toes and fully stretch your arms. Record yourself doing the exercise three times so that you can then see if you are doing it correctly or not. The most important thing during this test is to keep your back in a straight position, that is, if you put a tube or a ruler along the entire back should be completely aligned, and this you can see in the video. The result is favorable when you raise the whole body at the same time, your body is aligned from the ears to the ankles.

Extended cat posture (yoga)

To perform this position you must stand on four points of support looking down, resting your hands on a flat surface so that they are aligned with your shoulders, and your knees supported aligned with your hip. Then you must raise one arm so that it is parallel to the ground, and the opposite leg in the same way. Flex your elbow and your knee at the same time and try to touch them under your body. Repeat each side 3 times and watch your video. You should observe if your arm and leg were lifted off the ground at the same time, and if you are equally stable by doing both sides. If so, you passed the test.


It is a variant of the plates or planks, this position consists of supporting your body face down on a flat surface on the elbows and forearms, the body firm and straight, and also resting on the toes. For this test you must stay in that position for 60 seconds, if you succeed, the strength of your core muscles is adequate.
If the tests mentioned above did not have very favorable results, there are ways to strengthen your core muscles more. Bodybuilders and weight lifters are very susceptible to injuries, and the way to avoid spinal injuries is to keep your core strong and resistant.

Bicycle abs

These should be done lying on a mat or mat on your back, then you have to stretch one leg and the other bend to your chest. With your hands behind your head, bring the opposite elbow to the leg flexed to the nearby knee. Then turn your torso to touch the other elbow with the opposite knee, and so on.

Side planks or planks

It consists of standing on one side, resting on the elbow on that side, which must be aligned with the shoulder, and the other arm must be flexed at the level of the hip. Align your whole body from the head to your feet and push your body to the ceiling, swinging on your feet, one on top of the other.

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