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Volume routine for beginners in the gym

When we go to the gym for the first time, usually, one of the main thoughts we have is to take muscle mass in a few months and to be strong and strong with big muscles. Although the reality is rather something different. Since the volume routine for beginners has a series of guidelines , times and factors that must be respected, so that little by little we will achieve what we wanted. Next we will see what this routine consists of to start this process.
Gain muscle mass in the gym, at the beginning can be more expensive and more difficult, especially because you must incorporate certain habits in your routine that require great physical and mental effort. Getting good results is not achieved overnight, so you must also have something very important, patience and perseverance.

How do you manage to gain muscle volume?

If you are a beginner in these types of issues, it is advisable that you report well on what you want to achieve. The first weeks you will have to adapt to your body for the development of your strength, this is something important at the beginning and then as the months pass it is more complicated to increase strength . Of course, do not wait at the beginning to begin to notice how your muscles grow, this requires a process and you will not begin to see noticeable changes until after 6 and 8 weeks.
At the beginning of going to the gym, if you want to gain muscle mass it is inevitable that you have to wait. Since you need to go through the process of muscle hypertrophy, which, as we have indicated, usually takes almost two months, if all goes well. So if you do not see changes in your muscles at the beginning, do not be alarmed, it does not mean that you are not getting results. What you should notice at the beginning is how you are getting more strength, raising more and more pesos as the weeks go by.

If your intention is to gain muscle mass, but still do not know what muscles you will train, or how many days you will go to the gym. The most advisable, first of all, is that you prepare a volume routine for beginners. To do this, you have to focus on the basics first : a good diet , training focused on what you are doing (not good to be from one side to another entertaining with colleagues) and, of course, rest well, at least 8 hours a day, and try not to train the same muscles two days in a row, since they also need a break for their development.

What should you keep in mind about a volume routine for beginners?

There are many routines for a beginner, which are intended to gain muscle volume. It is advisable to consult what kind of routines your gym monitor can recommend, so that you can choose the one that best suits you. Bearing in mind that you can commit yourself to the routine without problems , and that more than a torture and a great sacrifice, it supposes an effort with which to be able to enjoy.
You must bear in mind that this type of training is changeable, and requires compound movements . The idea is that every time you go lifting as much weight as possible. Therefore it is advisable to make a good number of series, but with few repetitions. This is how you can work the muscle better .

The appropriate thing is to perform between 2-4 repetitions or 4-6, depending on how you feel more comfortable. And as we have said, a greater number of series than is usual, between 5 to 6 series. At the end of the day it is about you giving the best of yourself, making every effort possible in each series. The rest you should do between the series is like the usual between 30 and 60 seconds . And do not forget, rest is essential for recovery, without adequate rest you run the risk of not being able to give your best in each series. You should also rest about three minutes when you go to the next exercise.
When you commit to a volume routine for beginners, it is necessary that you have all these fundamental aspects in mind to do a good workout and get visible results . In short, you must consider and strive to maintain a good diet. A concentration, attention and dedication to the exercises you are doing and, of course, always leave time for rest. With proper consistency in this routine, you will see how your muscle mass is transforming to increase its volume.

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