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WOD, crossfit exercises for each day of training

WOD, are the abbreviations in English of the expression "workout of the day". Which, in Spanish means the training of the day. That is, Wod, it is an exercise routine for each day. In this sense, we can understand it as strength training or weights, cardio, gym, among others. It can last from five minutes to an hour and a half. Most of these routines are related to crossfit . In general, a sport that every day has more followers. Next, we present the best WOD that a crossfit lover should try ...

WOD Amanda

It is a routine that involves few exercises, but works the whole body. For that reason, Wod Amanda is considered very effective. It is a very intense training, but quite simple. It consists of only 2 sniffer and mucle-up exercises . The mucle-up, allows to work the whole upper part of the body. Back, arms, chest and triceps. For its part, the snatch is based on lifting a bar from the ground with a single pull and raise it above the head with the arms extended.

WOD Tabata

This method is one of the best known to get in shape and burn fat. It is a very efficient and well-known Wod. It is based on intervals of very short duration, but of high intensity. Its process consists of performing a butt exercise for 20 seconds. Then, rest and recover in just 10 seconds. This is repeated until completing 8 series.
In the Wod Tabata the following exercises are usually done: Sit-ups, sit-ups, strides, bottoms, push-ups of legs and arms. You can develop the routines according to your interests. You can do a single exercise. Combination of two or three. Even, that each series is of a different one. The best thing about Tabata is that it achieves excellent results in your body and in a very short time. This is because, it is a very demanding training for the body.

WOD Helen

It is one of the most demanding wods that exist. This is because, combine racing with strength. That is, cardio with bodybuilding. In general, you work with 400 or 500 meters of running with frontal elevation and dominated . These last two exercises are muscle-building.

To obtain the most optimal results with this Wod it is necessary to make three rounds. Each of them, with races of minimum 400 meters, 21 frontal elevations and 12 dominated in each series.

WOD Annie

If the use of gadgets is about. So, the rope can not be left out. The Wod Annie, allows the use of it. If you do not know what the rope is, then we tell you that it is a rope to jump. Yes, as you see Annie is about jumping the rope, but with some degree of difficulty. Since, you must perform the doublé - under.
The Wod Annie, only involves two exercises. The skipping jump and some abdominal exercise.It seems very simple, but it is not .The difficult part of this routine is the amount of repetitions that you should make of it . Which, could be countless.

WOD Zeus

It is one of the Wod that involves long duration and many exercises. It is ideal to obtain prominent muscles. If your goal is to acquire an amazing body this method is what you are looking for. The only thing you will need is a bar and a wall.
It is a Wod of 4 rounds. In each of the series should be made: 5 push ups, 15 pull ups, 25 push ups, 35 sit ups and 45 squats. It is mandatory between round and round to take breaks of 2 minutes.
It is a training where you can work your entire body in a very comprehensive way. It is necessary, as such, to carry out a previous heating and at the end of stretching. This, in order to avoid injuries. It can be considered one of the most extreme wod that exists .

WOD King Kong

It is the training that only very few can do. In fact, only the strongest manage to carry them out.If you are one of those So, pay attention because surely this Wod will be one of your favorites from now on.

The first thing you should know is that three rounds are made. In each round the weights to use are impressive . 100 kg and above are the standards. In general, the following exercises are used for the series: Deadlift with 455 pounds, 2 Muscle Ups, 3 Squat Clean with 250 pounds.

WOD Fran

It's the WOD of the three minutes. With this little time you will be able to intuit that it is a training that takes you to the limit. Doing the exercises in such a short time can throw you to the extreme of suffering. The pain you will feel in your body is only known to those who have experienced this experience.
Exaggerated weights, little time and a lot of repetitions will be the 3 fundamental ingredients of this practice. Only the strongest and most committed manage to do so. In fact, it is not recommended to be executed by beginners . A Wod that does your body works to the fullest. It is one of the most popular among veterans. To the point that there are established brands and records that are difficult to overcome.
The world record for this discipline is below two minutes. Which, is really incredible. Knowing the demanding of this sports practice. Without a doubt, one of the toughest Wods that exist.


For the practice of any sport, perseverance is necessary. However, when it comes to Wod for crossfit there are other factors to consider. You should never demand more of what you can give. Otherwise , your body can be seriously injured. If you are a beginner there are routines that you will not be able to perform until you have advanced and generated better physical conditions. The requirement in this class of practices are gradual. That is, you must go step by step. It's all a matter of time and know how to train. Remember, train in order to improve your health. The aesthetic improvements will come in addition.

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