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Why do not your muscles grow despite doing weights?

Many times some people try enormously to make weights so that their muscles grow . However, in certain cases, this mission fails. Many of the reasons why your muscles do not grow despite doing weights, are under your control , so you should know what is influencing the growth of your muscles. In the following article we will explain some reasons why you are probably not increasing your muscle mass, despite being doing everything you think is necessary to achieve it.
One of the most common reasons is that you are not using the right amount of weight . Remember that if you have been training with weights for some time, it is necessary that you gradually increase the weight of them. To begin with, it is good to use 5-pound weights, for example, but after a while those will no longer have a significant effect on your muscles. It is necessary that you use enough weight, since to stimulate muscle development there must be micro injuries in the tissue. We recommend that you consult with your coach what is the weight that you should be using for this moment.
Another very common cause is that sometimes we dedicate ourselves too much to cardio . Cardio has many beneficial effects, but muscle development is not one of them. Cardiovascular exercise is excellent for decreasing body fat and burning calories, but it does not work specific muscle groups, for which it does not promote its growth. The most advisable thing is that your exercise session you add at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, and also you dedicate in each session to work one or two muscle groups with weights and machines that are more specific for muscle hypertrophy.

Believe it or not, sleep also influences muscle growth. Maybe the reason why you do not see significant growth of your muscles is that you are not getting enough sleep . As we explained before, for muscle hypertrophy, a small injury to muscle tissue must first occur, and when repaired, more muscle tissue will be generated, causing it to grow. This repair that we mentioned occurs during the rest moments, so if you do not sleep enough, or do not take your moments of rest seriously, it is possible that your muscles stop growing.
The lack of regularity or consistency in your routine can also affect muscle growth. Maybe you are lifting weights many times, however you are not complying with an organized routine. The most advisable way to train is having 3 sessions of high intensity, interspersed by 2 sessions of less intensity. If you want a muscle group to grow you should train it at least twice a week to see true results.
You may be doing the exercise incorrectly . As much as you repeat an exercise a thousand times, if you do not do it correctly you will never see muscle hypertrophy. It is important to do a weight lifting correctly and safely, because in addition to not working the muscle properly, you can seriously injure yourself with a bad move using weights. It is advisable that you always consult with your coach how to do the exercise, to do it safely and achieve the best results.
Finally, another possible cause is the only one that we can not control, genetics . Unfortunately muscle growth has a genetic component, which comes with us from the moment we are born. There are two types of muscle fibers, type I or slow and type II or fast . It depends on what type of muscle fibers you have in greater quantity so that it is easier for you to develop muscle mass. This happens because type II or fast fibers are thicker than type I or slow, so the muscle will have a greater thickness initially, and it will be easier for it to grow faster.
If you are a beginner in the world of weight training,it is better to start little by little and be very consistent, as the results of these workouts will be seen in the medium or long term, giving you the body and health you are looking for if you do it well .

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Why do not your muscles grow despite doing weights?

Many times some people try enormously to make weights so that their muscles grow .   However, in certain cases, this mission ...